From Beginner to Master in English with 3 Apps from Google Play from JohnEColvin's blog

English game apps are becoming popular for English learners. This article introduces three apps in Android device to learn English for beginners.


English is the second language of the world. Everyone from children to adults learns English every day. But if you’re just studying books, it is very boring. So, English games are considered and chosen more. 


For Android devices, you have many options. The list below tells you the top 3 games for English learning and you can find them easily in the Android store. 



English word games for Android


Learn English Free for beginners


That game is suitable for all kids and adults. You can download it and learn free. There are many lessons to practice your reading, writing and speaking skills. It covers 36 topics in 3 levels. After a particular lesson,


you have 4 activities and exams.


Basic part: Alphabet, numbers, colors, food, and verbs, etc


Intermediate: Weekdays, Clothes, Body parts, etc


Advanced: Sports, Festivals, Music, etc


The vocabulary library has 500 words with image and audio.  You now can study vocabulary without translation or a dictionary. 


Besides the app, you can hunt more Android apps at the link Best apk file download site.


Learn English Vocabulary Sayings – Sayings Master


Do you want to become a Master in English? That is a funny educational game for students who desire to practice English in an entertaining and simple way. 


Regardless of your level, you can join this game and choose the level to play. You will put the scrambled words in the correct order make correct saying. If you do it wrong, you get a time penalty. Of course, with


each completed sentence, you get point based on the time you take and the errors you make. 



Make the right sentence to say


You can compete with other players in multiplayer mode. It will create stimulation. There are more than 1000 sayings and proverbs that challenge from beginners to native communicators. 


To install different types of Android apps, you can explore at the link


Basic English for Beginners


That app brings basics of English and you will step by step go to master. Completing that course, you can speak and understand the English language at a basic level.



Basic English for beginners


To explain the lessons, there are images and audio files. But this app requires learners to know the alphabet.


How to use this app:


Listen to the short audio file


Study the vocabulary


Speaking the sentences


Complete the quizzes


You will improve skills through many interesting quizzes. Besides, you can record your voice to compare with native speakers.




English is an important language. Those are three learning English apps as well as fun games for learners. Although there are thousands of choices, if you are hesitating and confused by  them, the three options


above can be useful. 


With a smartphone, you can do many things rather than contacting, messaging, and joining social networks. Spending your free time on these apps will make you develop your skills.  


Click the link Apk downloader to get more kinds of Android apps.


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