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The public lighting(CLASSIC) has become a symbol and symbol of urban development and has become an important ruler of urban education. Since the end of the 1980s, with the implementation of the renovation and construction of nighttime public lighting projects in Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shijiazhuang, etc., Shanghai has taken the lead in rapid development on the Bund and Nanjing Road.

The public lighting design section reflects the overall level of urban development, but there are also many problems. Attention should be paid to nighttime public lighting at three scientific points: bright light pollution and light damage to buildings, and the abuse of high-energy glare lighting.

(1) Pursuing powerful public lighting is prone to light pollution

Long-term commitment to green, low-carbon lighting design Ren Jian said that artificial light can improve the function of life, achieve efficient, bright city, bright home life. However, with the rapid development of lighting technology, design technology, especially after the use of LED public lighting, in order to improve the direction of quality of life has changed, today's public lighting has entered the era of high brightness.

(2) Using the object style to destroy the original art

In today's lighting designers and construction companies, considering the lighting effects, it is difficult to consider the shape and content of the building itself.

Public lighting is culture and art. Protecting the original landscape and architectural features of historical and cultural characteristics is an important part of the design of lighting ideas and landscape environmental protection.

The use of LED public lighting technology and other new public lighting or non-scientific public lighting research is an original research and solution to protect the historical and artistic style of landscape features.

(3) Using high-energy and strong glare lamps

With the spread of the low-carbon concept, long-life, high-efficiency and high-quality energy-saving light sources are the purpose of our design.

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Since the first creation a few years ago, public lighting has provided us with many advantages. So far, it is still used in almost every country in the world. Although parts and systems have made considerable progress since their first development, the concept and main objectives of their application are basically the same. Streets are actually safer because crime is much less likely to occur in an effective lighting area. The avenue accident associated with driving is reduced due to its use. We are very grateful to the use of public lighting(CLASSIC) today because it has provided us with many benefits over a long period of time. Once the performance and effectiveness of the luminaires begin to commercialize, they will continue to increase substantially. Different companies strive to create a wide variety of streetlight installations to meet the different needs of the public.

The latest public lighting is more energy efficient than before. The lights produced today are completely different, such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights and LEDs. Energy consumption is now reduced due to the use of modern systems. The materials used to make these products are also more natural. The standards are set high to ensure that people get high quality lighting products in terms of functionality and durability. When choosing a lighting fixture that can be used outdoors as a street light, people now have more choices. It comes in different sizes and shapes, so people actively find a product that suits his or her needs. Different manufacturers can be found, so quality and price can also be easily compared.

Even though public lighting introduces these new advantages, it basically does not mean that they are now more expensive than ever. Due to trade competition and the availability of materials used to make them, they are relatively inexpensive many lighting products. A completely different system may have a completely different installer, but almost all systems are created to reduce the total cost. Modern technology is expensive, but they last a long time. Given all of these advantages, it may be of great help to local city officials as it may be an amazing solution to the street lighting dilemma. Individuals may also benefit because they are versatile and can be used at home.

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With the promotion of LED chips and driving technology, the problems of heat dissipation, light decay, power supply, and other problems plaguing LED lights have been solved, while prices continue to drop rapidly, and the price of Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) has increased.

Domestic LED public lighting gradually replaces traditional lighting and becomes the main force of new lighting. The intelligent control characteristics of lighting enhance the advantages of LED public lighting products. In the context of energy saving and emission reduction, the penetration rate of LED public lighting has gradually increased.

According to LED research data, benefiting from the collective recovery of the domestic LED market, in 2016, China's domestic LED public lighting market reached 946 million, an increase of 15.4% year-on-year. By the end of 2017, the penetration rate of domestic LED public lighting was close to 40%.

At present, the Chinese government subsidies are weak, and the street reconstruction work in the coastal developed areas is about to be completed. China's LED street renovation will enter a benign stage of steady growth, and the overseas market will gradually become the growth point in the future.

In general, with the popularity of intelligent lighting on the Internet, street lights are no longer the only lighting function, which will create more intelligent urban ecosystem applications, help urban operations and maintenance; not only have significant effects on energy conservation and emission reduction, but also Reduce crime rates, ensure traffic safety, and promote economic development.

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The Nanjiang County project in Bazhong City upgraded the existing high-pressure sodium lamps to green, low-energy, high-luminance, and longer-life Led Public lighting(CLASSIC). So far, the entire project has been completed and proven to be qualified. Approximately 70% energy savings compared to previous products. The project is an initiative for the country's 13th five-year plan teleconference.

Considering energy saving, environmental protection, safety, comfort, and other aspects, LED public lighting is the best choice because they have better light transmission, higher color rendering index and lower color temperature.

As is known to all, the Nanjiang is foggy and rainy. Street lighting color and color rendering index are unavoidable when it rains and fogs.

Light penetration varies with color temperature. The lower the color temperature, the stronger the light penetration, otherwise it will become weaker. The color rendering index in a high-pressure sodium lamp is about Ra17, and the color rendering index in a general LED is Ra65 to Ra80. Lower CRIs cause blurred road motion for drivers and pedestrians, which is likely to cause traffic accidents. However, LED public lighting can stifle this possibility.

Therefore, LED public lighting can not only reduce electricity and maintenance costs to a certain extent but also provide people with positive and practical convenience.

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Smart use of energy can bring many environmental benefits as well as social and economic benefits. Lighting is one of the easiest options. The rapid statistical analysis of traditional public lighting and Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) provided below demonstrates why cities should no longer wait to cover the entire urban landscape with LED public lighting.

This problem may be noticed by many people. Although LED public lighting can be energy efficient, how do they reduce the urban heat island effect? In the end, the Australian Intelligent Lighting Summit will address these issues during the panel discussion.

However, here are some facts that you can easily understand. We know that LEDs are a great way to reduce climate change. In addition, if these LEDs are embedded in the sensor and connected wirelessly, they can do much more than we think, and intelligent lighting systems can track air pollution and air quality. Therefore, they can serve as potential solutions to climate adaptation and urban heat island effects.

In fact, a simple LED bulb is known to reduce air pollution and allow the air to breathe healthily. It creates a healthy environment for everyone, including children and people with asthma, heart disease and other respiratory diseases.

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Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) is expected to take over high-output stadiums and stage lighting. "The stadium lighting market is expected to grow by nearly $200 million by 2023, up to $622.2 million."

The driving factor used is the cost per lumen. Lumen measurement light, traditional watt measurement is only for power users. The cost of improvement per lumen is driven by more efficient LEDs and cheaper fixtures. LEDs in large outdoor luminaires range from 80 lumens in 2013 to average watts, reaching an average of 130 lumens per watt by 2018. The cost of watts for high-output luminaires is declining, and the street price in 2018 is now $1.36 per watt. Saving energy, upfront costs are an obstacle to entry. According to reports, due to high efficiency, cost reduction and versatility, LED public lighting is making progress in the field of stadiums and stage lighting.

A few years ago, LED lights hit the professional sports market, and their bases in this market continued to increase. The NFL Bowl competition was introduced to LED public lighting in 2015. In the same year, the Major League Baseball began to adopt LED public lighting. The Petra Park of the San Diego Padres is one of the first stadiums to switch to LED lights in 2016. The Major League Baseball needs a very bright playing field with a minimum of 250 foot candles and 200 foot candles in the interior. In contrast, the average parking lot is about 10-20 feet of candlelight.

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Whether you are arranging public lighting(CLASSIC) for the municipality or looking for environmentally friendly public lighting for your business or new apartment building, consider the 10 exciting benefits of LED.


LEDs are long-lived, especially when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They effectively use up to 90% of the energy they consume. In contrast, conventional bulbs lose up to 80% of their energy at high temperatures. This means more savings and better ecological protection.

2. Longevity

LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours. If you turn on the LED bulb throughout the working day (about 8 hours a day), it will take about 20 years to burn out!

3. No ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet radiation can damage certain foods, materials and packaging as well as archaeological treasury and painting. LEDs don't emit UV light, making them ideal for gallery owners, hospitals and many other professionals.

4. Environmental protection

Traditional light bulbs contain trace amounts of heavy metals such as mercury, which can be toxic and harmful to the environment. On the other hand, LEDs do not contain such dangerous substances.

5. Durable

Incandescent lamps can be broken or broken with a slight touch. But LEDs are more rugged and durable. They can withstand vibrations, shocks, extreme weather conditions and even earthquakes.

6. They can withstand opening and closing.

You may need to turn the lights on and off multiple times while you are working on a building project or managing an urban area. This action can wear out traditional bulbs, but LEDs can be switched quickly without problems.

7. Easy to operate in challenging climates.

The Bay Area has a mild climate, but it can get cold and hot here. Temperature changes challenge traditional bulbs, but LEDs can handle these changes more easily.

8. Accuracy

If you need to direct light to a location without relying on a reflector, LED lighting can be better focused than traditional lighting systems.

9. Reduce the voltage

Lower voltage requirements mean that LEDs are ideal for use with solar panel systems and are a good choice for places with more power, such as rural areas and farms.

10. Flexible design

LEDs provide students with subtle lighting, excellent lighting for industrial and municipal needs, and a wide range of colors and lighting effects.

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Metal halides and other high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps used in sports fields do an excellent job of illuminating night games. However, as outdoor public lighting(CLASSIC) becomes more efficient and affordable, large stadiums have begun to convert into smaller public lighting, and private and school venues, park venues, and other local entertainment facilities have begun to follow suit. This trend may escalate.

Last year, LED public lighting fixtures to cost about twice as much as HID. But as LED public lighting manufacturers compete to design fixtures that fit the existing infrastructure, hardware and installation costs are falling. As a result, the need to replace poles is disappearing, but less than half of the poles are usually required. LED outdoor lighting illuminates light more efficiently than metal halide lamps, wasting less adjacent areas in "spill" and providing excellent illumination when needed. Despite this, the total cost of retrofitting remains a serious investment. The fastest place to return on investment is the most common situation of lighting, and it is slower where it is not often needed. The site that uses only a few hundred hours of light per year belongs to the latter category, which is one reason for hesitating so far.

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Studies conducted in more than a dozen cities around the world have also demonstrated safety factors. Installing Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) in public places makes these spaces safer. The ending of the story. LEDs are bright, low maintenance, durable and sturdy. Criminals, boring teenagers, people who are not good or dissatisfied usually don't like to do business in a well-lit and “looking clean” place. This concept is at the heart of the famous "broken window" criminal deterrence theory, which urged local lighting and preservation at the time, and criminal activity declined in these areas.

Finally, due to the positive environmental impact, there is a tag that switches to the LED. Bay Area owners are very environmentally conscious and want to do their part to reduce global warming and save energy. House development with LEDs can boast their lighting examples to potential owners and tenants, and they will also notice the clean and attractive appearance of the night lighting system.

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1. Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) has different brightness and different prices. LED public lighting LEDs should be suitable for laser Class I standards.

2. LED public lighting has the anti-static ability and long life, so the price is high. LEDs with an antistatic rating greater than 700V are typically used for LED lighting.

3. LEDs with the same wavelength have the same color. If the colors are the same, the price is high. It is difficult for manufacturers without LED spectrophotometers to produce solid color products.

4. Leakage current, LED is a unidirectional conductive illuminator. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage, and the LED with large leakage current has a short life and a low price.

5. Lighting angles, LED public lighting with different users to have different illumination angles. The specific lighting angle is higher.

6, in life, the key to different qualities is life, life is determined by light decay. Low light decay, long life, and high price.

7, wafers, LED illuminators are wafers, different wafers, the price difference is very large. Chips in Japan and the United States are relatively expensive. In general, Taiwan's wafer prices are lower than Japan and the United States, while China's lowest.

8, colloid, ordinary LED colloid is generally epoxy resin, LED has UV and flame retardant more expensive, high-quality LED public lighting should be resistant to UV and fire.

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Campus security is another serious problem. The use of Led Public lighting(Classic) for sidewalks and surrounding areas of buildings can reduce this risk. They are small enough to be placed anywhere, without damaging the outdoor lighting design, and are bright enough to help with safety.

Most universities are raising their environmental awareness. LED public lighting uses less power to get better results, which means less demand for non-sustainable energy. Lower power also means that the college will pay less for utilities. LED public lighting systems may cost more to install, but the savings will quickly vary.

LED public lighting requires minimal maintenance and saves on-campus maintenance. When it comes to their basic needs, it is reasonable to embrace smart, efficient and environmentally friendly choices for higher education schools.

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Further to the scale of technology is the public lighting(Classic) system. Wireless management allows participation in a two-way communication channel to control each spot and obtain information about it in real time as the status, network, consumption, etc. of the LED module. It does not provide greater throughput, more efficiency and higher quality, but is provided when necessary, providing the best and greatest energy savings for the City Council at the time and place required, providing the most comfortable for the public. The atmosphere. Peer-to-peer wireless management gives us the opportunity to fully control the installation, saving energy and maintenance costs.

When technology seems to reach the peak of public lighting, the question of how future lighting will develop, as well as other questions about the importance of future urban lighting, and the types of new features that will be included will also emerge. The answer can be found in the concept of “smart city”. At the same time, other dreams come from being able to manage all city services from the same system, which has always been the idea of ??lighting professionals. However, the success of integrating all of these possibilities into lighting comes not only from research groups with key ideas, but also from the company's ability to acquire new strategic partnerships, as well as the ability to develop and imagine new innovations, unimaginable until now. s solution.

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