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The correct way to install Solar led street light(CLASSICLEDLIGHT):

1. Solar LED street light installation location

The most important thing for solar LED street lights is the best light source, so site selection becomes the first consideration in the installation process of solar LED street lights. At the installation site, first observe that there are no obstructions and obstacles around the foundation, no high-rise buildings and other obstacles that can affect the light, and it is not allowed to install in the backlight.

2. The ground part of the solar LED street light

The size and firmness of the solar LED street light foundation. The solid foundation of the foundation directly affects the safety of the pole. Therefore, the foundation must be operated strictly in accordance with the construction drawings. It is important to grasp important data such as size and material. The texture of the land around the foundation of the solar LED street light. This is also closely related to the safety of the light pole. The soil around the foundation should have low humidity and high strength to prevent unsafe behavior such as tilting of the pole due to the thrust. The threading hole position and smoothness of the solar LED street light foundation. The function of the threading hole is to introduce the battery cable from the ground to the inside of the light pole. If the threading hole is offset, the threading hole will be blocked when the light pole is installed. If there is a foreign object or a dead knot in the threading hole, the threading hole will be completely blocked. In both cases, the battery line cannot be introduced, resulting in the luminaire not receiving an effective power source.

3. Solar LED light threading section

Solar LED street lights are absolutely not allowed to have wire connectors inside the light post during the threading process. All the wires must be guaranteed to be a complete wire. (Except for some light sources with lead wires, when connecting the light caps to the internal light source wires of the light post, be careful to connect them tightly, and do waterproof and leakproof work. Pay attention to prevent the light caps from falling off due to the influence of gravity. ). In the process of threading, we must pay attention to the technique, and it is forbidden to pull the hard raft to prevent the electric wire from being interrupted by force or the insulation layer is broken and the electric leakage is caused.

4. Install the LED street light source and solar panel section.

The main concern is the robustness of the power cord connection and the tightness of the screw. When all the wires are connected, it must be well protected against leakage and leakage, and the connection is tight and beautiful. In the process of tightening the screws, it is necessary to grasp the tightness, not too loose or too tight, in order to tighten the principle and move in moderation. Do not over-tighten, prevent the screw from being over-stretched and slippery; do not loosen too much to prevent parts from being displaced due to the looseness of some components. When installing the light board, master the direction, the standard time plate faces the south direction, because the light in the south direction is the strongest, and the sunshine time is the longest. If it is impossible to face the south under special circumstances, the principle of the longest illumination time and maximum light intensity is adopted.

5. Solar LED street light pole installation

Before installing the solar LED street light pole, be sure to check all the power cables once to see if there is any leakage current. If so, correct it as soon as possible. Be sure to pay attention to safety during the poling process. Adjust the direction of the pole and level it during the tightening of the corner screw. After all the work is completed, the corner screws must be tightened again to achieve firmness.

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